These guides will show you the huge industrial area in the harbour of Rotterdam and a look behind the scenes of the companies.

Besides pleasant company, all guides are a source of knowledge and practical experience.

In compiling your customised tour, the most suitable and specialised guide will host your group.

We ensure you a pleasant visit to the commercial harbour of Rotterdam.

André de Bruijn Guide Gids
André de Bruijn
Jacques Bergman Guide Gids
Jacques Bergman
Freerk Eggens Guide Gids
Freerk Eggens
Paul Esseboom Guide Gids
Paul Esseboom
John Goudriaan Guide Gids
John Goudriaan
Henk de Haan Guide Gids
Henk de Haan
Rob de Hey Guide Gids
Rob de Hey
Tjibbe Hiemstra Guide Gids
Tjibbe Hiemstra
Joop Hoogvliet Guide Gids
Joop Hoogvliet
Rinus de Jongh Guide Gids
Rinus de Jongh
Henk Langhorst Guide Gids
Henk Langhorst
Ger van Linden Guide Gids
Ger van Linden
Wim Mellegers Guide Gids
Wim Mellegers
Henk Molegraaf Guide Gids
Henk Molegraaf
Simon Molenaar Guide Gids
Simon Molenaar
Hans Ruizeveld Guide Gids
Hans Ruizeveld
Frans Scheffer Guide Gids
Frans Scheffer
Aad Stofregen Tour Guide Gids
Aad Stofregen
Piet de Winter Guide Gids
Piet de Winter
Henk Zevenbergen Guide Gids
Henk Zevenbergen